SR2 CRIME WATCH: Vehicle Break-in July 3, 2017

A visitor’s vehicle was broken into in the wee hours this morning (7/3/17). They ransacked it good taking tools and other work things, his $100 Oakley sunglasses, keys to the boat etc. Vehicle was parked in the guest parking on Jiminez Way @ Verdi Road because his boat was in the driveway temporarily. He was planning to take the boat out this morning. He’s not 100% sure if the car was locked. He thinks whoever did it was on foot (probably young people) and he found a few of his things discarded outside the Park on Pacific. Be aware be careful and lock your cars – always. Lesson learned. read more

Changing of the Locks – April 10, 2017

The locks to the spa and pool at Spanish Ranch 2 will be changed to regular key locks on April 10, 2017. New keys will be available to the person on the lease. Bring in the old key and exchange it for a new key. The new key will unlock the exercise room, billiards room, spa and pool during regular operating hours. read more